Ai20X works with professional, individual, companies, and organization  in USA and in Vietnam to build the eco system supporting startup companies that focus on technology innovation.  We work with corporation partners to provide infrastructure for development of innovation trend and also work with organization on providing program that support startup companies.

Partner with Startup

We have a partnering program with selected start up companies that qualify to participate in the eco system members of the innovation trend, can utilize the technology platform of Ai20X partner for development of the solution products and services.

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Technology Platform  

We work with innovation partners to make development infrastructure and platform available for developer to develop and deploy solution and products to become member of the ecosystem of the innovation trend.  Currently we offer the platform for Digital Transformation and metaverse experience. 


Startup In Silicon Valley  

Ai20X promoting startup to form and  have present in Silicon Valley with operation in Vietnam. Taking the best of two: Silicon valley is well known as having the best eco system for startup in technology and innovation while operation in Vietnam is low cost and comfort for Vietnamese start up.  

We are here to support you to build a good foundation of the two location, for growing your startup venture.  

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Digital Transformation Application

Benefit of Digital Transformation for business is known in the last 10 years as a trend and now it is recognized as a requirement for doing business in almost all industries.  The challenge now from lack of aware of the opportunities, technical skill, and skepticism on the implementation cost for many industries, which is the opportunity for start up to build business digitization solution for vertical markets. 

We are here to support start up become an eco system member of the Digital transformation solutions.

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Metaverse, Vietnam Work Forces

Ai20X members recognize the trend of metaverse application and also foreseen the opportunities for new work forces required for developing metaverse application.  

We are working with company members and promoting make platform and development tool available for developer and graphic designer to develop, deploy, and market the design of Metaverse elements. 

We call for building eco system of metaverse.  

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Partner Programs

Project “Supporting the national innovation startup ecosystem until 2025” (Project 844)

The project "Supporting the national innovation startup ecosystem until 2025" (Project 844) - ISEV was approved by the Prime Minister under Decision 844/QD-TTg dated May 18, 2016 with the aim of creating a favorable environment to promote and support the formation and development of fast-growing businesses based on the exploitation of intellectual property, technology and new business models; Expeditiously improve the legal system to support innovative start-ups; Established the National Innovation Startup Portal.

National Innovation Startup Talent Competition

Initiated in 2015, the National Innovation Talent Search Competition is one of the most interested activities of TECHFEST Vietnam - the largest annual event in the country for the startup community. creative industry in Vietnam organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology. This is an opportunity for startups to promote their brands, connect extensively with a panel of leading experts and advisors at home and abroad, and at the same time, it is also a launching pad for startups to become more mature and quickly reach out to the world. world, as well as contribute to the economic development of Vietnam.

National Innovation and Startup Festival TECHFEST Vietnam

National Innovation Startup Day - TECHFEST Vietnam is the largest annual event for the innovative startup community in Vietnam, chaired by the Ministry of Science and Technology, in collaboration with other Ministries. branches, agencies, political - social organizations. Along with the maturity of the innovation startup ecosystem, TECHFEST 222 has the opportunity to summarize and convey messages from the Government to the ecosystem.

Vietnam Innovation Ambassador Award (Vietnam In2spire Award)

Vietnam Innovation Ambassador Award (Vietnam In2spire Award), the first time within the framework of TECHFEST VIETNAM 2022, jointly organized by the Entertainment and Media Technology Village, Zebra, MetaHall, The Republicxis, Redcom under the auspices of the Science and Technology Enterprise and Market Development Department, media sponsorship of VTV News - Vietnam Television Station, Dan Viet Newspaper, Vietnam Business Magazine, Self Magazine Automation Today. The award aims to find, support and honor the representative faces (brand image ambassadors) of innovative start-ups across the country, businesses that have made great efforts in the application of public science. technology and innovation to solve social problems.